Our Story...

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The Beginning...

Serving in the US Military, you get moved around a lot and on every occasion the founders (both Veterans now) encountered the same problem... wishing they could have seen places before waisting the time and money of driving around vetting the options. 

Every new town had the same set of issues - What are the good neighborhoods and how do I find my next home? What are the good restaurants and how do they look like right now? I wonder if X beach/event/place is worth the trip? I need to buy a car and want to see several from separate dealerships but I don't have all day to be driving around! These are some of the frequent daily problems we all encounter and LiVi solves them ALL, putting the dated method of driving around and waisting precious time and money to bed forever!.

Seeing Is Believing!

With LiVi, you can remotely see places or events using Live Video to determine if its right for you. OUR PROMISE: Always go to the right place!

In todays fast paced life, time is our most important asset and getting real time information allows us to make Better and Faster decisions. We want that information as current, accurate and easy to consume as possible. Well... video is not only the easiest way to consume information or content, its also the preferred. And making video "Live" as in "Happening NOW", makes that form of information as accurate and current as humanly possible...unless you can see the future ;-). If not, don't worry, you now have LiVi for that!

No one like LiVi!

Until now, companies or publics figures have used Live Streaming to show the world a live video feed of their particular event. A concert, sporting event, the unveiling of a new product, etc. In some cases, live streaming is the sole purpose of a company and in others like in social media, its simply an add-on. BUT all of them are focused on whats called Mass Broadcasting. Just like it sounds, this simply means... someone started a live stream to be seen by an unrestricted amount of viewers. Well LiVi is designed for YOU to see what YOU want or need and its also designed for small businesses to showcase themselves directly to interested local customers. Its both a punch in the gut to the standard and a breath of fresh air for everyone else.

Simplicity is Key!

By flipping around how live streaming has been used in the past 10+ years, it made this technology actually useful for the everyday life and quite beneficial for your pocket and your time. LiVi has 2 simple ways to take advantage of live streaming, here's how:

Search the Map:

On LiVi's map, you'll see businesses under 3 different categories. Apply the filter for the category you need and then request a live video stream directly from the business you want to see. During the live stream, you will be able to send questions for that business to answer. Also, expect a special offering from them as an incentive to get your business. We call this the "LiVi Experience". You get to experience local businesses in a whole new way, go some where you now know fits your desire and even better, has treated you specially! The business gets to show the world more than its logo and it can interact with its customers while they are thinking of where to go instead of the boring regular ads... Everyone Wins!

A Custom Request:

These are meant for you to be able to see anything else thats not on the map. Some examples are: to see a particular area of a beach, a drive around a neighborhood your thinking of moving into, a public event, the opportunities are endless. Simply drop a pin on the map and specify what you want to see, when and how much your willing to pay for it. LiVi then finds another LiVi user and offers him/her the job. You get to see what you want and the provider is compensated for it and again... Everybody Wins!